Business Kitchen

Business Kitchen is Oulu universities’ entrepreneurship hub – a community and co-working space to boost action and discover new opportunities in business and in life. It provides programs, events and facilities to support entrepreneurship and business development and promotes networking and co-operation between students and businesses.

Students can earn credits by participating in Business Kitchen programs such as; Avanto Accelerator to build new businesses, Demola to co-create innovations with companies and International Business Corridor to help companies enter new markets.

The hearth of Business Kitchen is a community formed by hundreds of people. It includes two universities’ students and staff, entrepreneurs, people with entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial and innovative people from both the public and private sectors. Employees of both universities are there to help you - no matter what kind of questions you have, we will find a solution one way or another!

Business Kitchen operates at the Tellus Innovation Arena and Kotkantie campus of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

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Last updated: 30.8.2017