Are you looking for a risk-free way to develop a new product or concept? 

Companies do not usually have the courage to really throw themselves to enable out of the box thinking. They lack the resources and skills to connect with different knowledge providers and partners. Due to limited resources of companies, it is extremely important for an innovation‐driven company to develop its capabilities and skills to import and deploy new knowledge and technology from outside. The ability to understand customers and markets, and turn these insights into effective business models and attractive value propositions are the keys to success.   

Innovation enablers like existing excellent research resources and ideas should be more broadly available and placed in the front line to support business innovation. We need to have major improvements in creating and supporting efficient and innovation-friendly environment by combining and integrating different technologies, various (often multidisciplinary) types of knowledge, and diverse skill sets to be part of the same co-creation ecosystem.   

Demola’s Innovation Ecosystem 

Demola is an international organization and innovation platform that facilitates co-creation projects between university students and companies, both locally and internationally.   

In Demola, students from various different fields come together to co-create solutions to challenges presented by companies. After three months, students present a demo solution to their project partner which the partner can license if it provides value. In case the solution does not meet the expectations, the partner does not have to pay anything.

Currently, Demola operates in 15 countries in three continents, running local teams in every location with 40 university partners, and has engaged more than 600 companies into co-creation with students.  

Creating-by-doing in Demola Oulu 

Demola Oulu has been actively reaching out to companies and involving research communities and R&D infrastructure providers in an open innovation process which increases the competences of companies by connecting different players together. Demola Oulu has been engaging companies, researchers and R&D facilities in better knowledge flow and co-creation processes in order to provide the actors with better understanding of each other’s needs and challenges.   

Groundbreaking innovation is created only when people with passion and talent are interconnected across nations, cultures, and fields of expertise. In a strong ecosystem, innovation is based on a fusion of ideas, skills, and perspectives. It requires novel ways of collaboration and bringing together people and organizations from various fields.  

Demola Oulu is building such an ecosystem by promoting and developing efficient co-creation methods, driving a cultural change towards open innovation, and enhancing innovation competences both at individual and organizational levels.  

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Last updated: 30.6.2016