Launch your Demola challenge and find the best talent

In the modern world, continuous future work is becoming more and more important to companies. As product life cycles are shortening and consumption patterns changing, companies who can get ready for the future are the winners.

Demola is the most concrete tool to work with new, highly-educated generations. At Demola innovation challenges, carefully selected university students work together with professionals from your organization. With Demola, you get access to the best talent, find insights and new direction to your business development and provide a unique working method and inspiration to your own employees.

Demola in brief

Demola is an international innovation challenge platform that brings together students and leading brands. With Demola, global and local organizations challenge university students to create a better future. Today, our innovation challenges bring together over 50 universities, 750,000 students and the leading companies from around the world.

Demola innovation challenges are designed to solve real future challenges and create new service concepts and demos. With Demola, a multidisciplinary team of university students and company’s experts work together in an innovation challenge set by the company. During an eight-week process, the team co-creates solutions to the given theme.

The Demola process is globally standardized and professionally facilitated. Challenges in Demola are complex, having a wide spectrum of possible solutions for each challenge, enabling the team members to build curiosity toward the topics.

Demola trademark and innovation platform is owned by Demola Global. Demola Global was established in Tampere, Finland and now operates internationally in over 15 countries. Contracts, intellectual property rights and other legal requirements are in place and meet international business standards and practices.

How to start the Demola journey?

Demola has been actively reaching out to companies in Oulu, involving research communities and R&D infrastructure providers in an open innovation process which connects different players together.

If you’re interested in joining Demola, contact us and we’ll help you take it from there. Our professionals help your company in designing your Demola challenge. Demola forms university student teams and facilitates the innovation work by using a structured process. One to three employees from your organization participate in the process as part of the team.

When the work is done, your company may use the results to inspire its own product development, hire the most suitable team members – and of course set up a bunch of new challenges.


More information, please contact:

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Last updated: 14.8.2019