Future Factory gives new students an active start for their studies

The 58th Academic Year of the University of Oulu will be opened in August with a series of events. The majority of new students will begin the semester 2016–2017 with the orientation week beginning on Monday 22 August. Several events take place during orientation week. The main opening event is held on 29 August.

This year’s novelty on the orientation week is the three-day Future Factory workshop. There new students get to generate ideas together for today’s global challenges. Participating in the workshop will be approximately 1200 new students from almost all the faculties.

The purpose of the workshop is to offer students an active impetus for their studies, and novel working methods for their future studies.

The workshop is based on the idea by Helka-Liisa Hentilä, Vice Rector for Education. This is the first time the idea has been put into practice.

”During orientation week, students get a first impression of how it is to study in a multidisciplinary, international science university. A good start to studies predicts smooth studying in the future as well. We want our students to have an active role right from the start, and not remain as passive listeners”, says Helka-Liisa Hentilä.

Another purpose of the inspiring start is to engage and group the students. Working is based on student-centered learning, it requires independent initiative, and it increases digital competence. At the same time, students practice future work life skills, such as result-centred orientation and cooperation skills.

Hentilä hopes that the workshop produces broad-minded results and new ideas. The University community will reward the best solutions.

The Future Factory workshop is part of DIGIT strategy project of the University of Oulu.  It is a cooperation with Sitra, the fund to honour the 50th anniversary of Finland's independence. Sitra publishes an annual trend listing describing current drivers of trend, megatrends, which are affecting the lives of Finns. The megatrends of 2016, according to Sitra, are the quickly accelerating technological advancement, an interdependent and tension-driven world, and a global sustainability crisis related to natural resources and climate change.

Academic Year opens with a series of events

The start of the Academic Year for students takes place at Rotuaari in the centre of Oulu in the Rotuaari GET TOGETHER! event on Monday 22 August, starting at 14:00. In the event, new students are welcomed to the University. Representatives of the University, Student Union, and the City will be there. During the event, the photography competition Näen, koen, elän Oulun (I see, experience, live Oulu) is opened.

The main services offfered by the University and the partners will be presented all Tuesday 23 August at Linnanmaa. In the News’day – Day for New Students event there are presentations of services for students – from IT services to health services.

The main opening event is held in the Saalastinsali hall in Linnanmaa on Monday 29 August 2016 at 15:15.

Vulcanalia, the Student Union opening party, is held on 7 September. The day begins with the Student Organization Fair, with Linnanmaa campus filled with presentation spots of various organizations and companies. Vulcanalia Day culminates in the evening party in Ouluhalli hall at 19:00.

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Last updated: 18.8.2016