Construction work for Mining research centre begins

Construction work has begun for the Oulu Mining School (OMS) research centre. When the new facilities are finished, there will be an internationally top-class mining research centre in Oulu, encompassing research and special teaching premises for geosciences, geophysics, mining technology, and concentration technology.

The heart of the research centre is the Minipilot concentration facility, which will be the world’s first closed mining process. The equipment can be used for researching the refinement of process waters, and refining concentration sand in real circumstances.


In addition to laboratory premises, the OMS research centre encompasses a fully automated, modular, continuous minipilot concentrator facility, where all ores can be concentrated in a continuous process. The concentrator facility includes a crushing and grinding line, and continuous separation equipment for various concentration applications.

As an important novel part of the centre will be a water processing equipment, which can be used to study the cleansing and recycling of the process water of the mine in authentic circumstances. The facility is the first closed mining process in the world, where concentration sands can be safely refined into commercial products. The OMS research centre seeks to concretize sustainable mining, where the need for concentration sand pools is challenged.

“The new OMS research centre makes it possible for Oulu Mining School to profile as an international top centre that motivates both students and researchers alike to develop mining knowhow in a multidisciplined way”, says Dean of Oulu Mining School, Juha-Pekka Lunkka.

The OMS research centre will be implemented with support by EU regional development funding, and it includes mining companies in addition to the University. The renewed facilities will be in use in early 2017.

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Last updated: 25.8.2016