Antarctic funding for two projects in the University of Oulu

Two projects by researchers in the University of Oulu have been granted Antarctic research funding from the Academy of Finland for three years. The funding will support interactive and multidisciplinary research.

Professor Ilya Usoskin’s research project aims for a continuous measuring of cosmic rays in the atmosphere at the North Pole. Another aim is to simultaneously measure aerosols and cosmic rays in the atmosphere. The study will be done with a measuring device situated in the Concordia Station in Antarctica. Changes in cosmic radiation are at their maximum in the Antarctic, and the extremely clean atmosphere of the Antarctic and its rather isolated troposphere guarantee the best conditions for studying changes in aerosols. The project received 141 000 euros in funding.

The study by university researcher Phillip Watts will sequence the genes of Antarctic octopus species and find out if the species have adapted to their environment in a similar way. The project will also examine the proposed idea that species have migrated to different parts of the Antarctic Ocean as a result of a previous climate change.

The Earth has experienced warmer and colder periods, which have affected the distribution of species. Changes in the distribution of marine organisms in the Antarctic are especially probable, because Earth’s temperature determines the size of its ice cover. Changes in species distribution may cause genetic differentiation and thus speciation.

Last updated: 29.9.2016