Shared campus of the University and Oulu UAS: New areas selected for the relocating faculties

The University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS) will form a shared campus in Linnanmaa during 2019-2020. Oulu UAS will relocate in the current facilities of the faculties of Education and Humanities, and the Zoological Museum.

The relocating faculties will receive facilities which are as functional and coherent as possible, located in the vacant or vacating facilities in Linnanmaa. The resolution on the relocation plan was made on 25 November by the deans of the relocating faculties.

The faculties of Education and Humanities will relocate in the centre of the campus, south of Virransilta bridge. The faculty of Education will relocate in the facilities vacated by the Faculty of Science, and in some of the current facilities of Chemistry. The Humanistic faculty will relocate in the current facilities of Information Processing Sciences, optoelectronics, and nearby areas. Information Processing Sciences will relocate in stages in Tietotalo I, where the other functions of the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE) already are.

Substitute teaching facilities will be constructed on the first floor on the east and west side of the campus building.

There are plans to relocate the research and exhibition operations of the Zoological Museum in the Botanical Gardens. According to the preliminary plan, the service point of Financial Services, now located in the former Snellmania library, will relocate above Tellus. There was an option of also relocating Oulu Business School, but that plan will not come true.

The relocations will take place in stages during 2017–2018.

The selected relocations will make it possible to have facility solutions which will work, be sensible in terms of the schedule, and take into account the special characteristics of faculties.

Staff and students are invited to brainstorming and planning the facilities. Planning begins with shared brainstorming events for staff and students, in which the needs of the unit and students are defined. For the actual project planning and alteration work, the unit and students will name contact persons in the facility groups.




Last updated: 29.11.2016