Machine Vision Group celebrate their 35th Anniversary 16 Dec. 2016

Machine vision is one of the internationally strongest research fields in the University of Oulu. Machine Vision Group (MVG) is celebrating its 35th Anniversary with a seminar on Friday 16 December 2016 at 9:00-13:30. The venue is Saalastinsali hall in the University of Oulu.

There will be speeches by six experts graduated as Doctors in the Machine Vision Group. They are Head of Analytics, Dr. Timo Ahonen (Nokia Technologies USA), Specialist, Dr. Olga Kayo (Nokia Networks) and professors Heikki Ailisto (VTT) and Visa Koivunen (Aalto University) and University of Oulu professors Olli Silvén, Juha Röning and Jaakko Sauvola.

For other invited speakers and the program, see the Seminar program page.

One of the top achievements by the University of Oulu in machine vision is the Local Binary Pattern method which the University has developed, and the related face recognition, both of which are among the most often cited Finnich ICT research results in the World. Another top field in Oulu is microexpression recognition, which can be used to recognize hidden emotions. The research group has also developed methods for preventing the fooling of biometric recognition systems, receiving acclaim in the scientific community of the field, and in those who apply the methods.

International machine vision experts gather in Oulu 13-15 Dec 2016

The 6th International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications, IPTA, is held in Oulu this week. The conference gathers a wide selection of international top experts in machine vision and image processing in Oulu. There are nearly 140 registrations from 33 countries.

The central topics of the conference are, for example, methods of machine learning, pattern recognition, and various special topics on image and video formation, processing and analysis.

The venue is Hotel Ravintola Lasaretti. The organizer is the Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis, University of Oulu.

Programs of the seminar and conference:

Machine Vision Group 35th Anniversary

International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Application, IPTA

Main image: Juha Sarkkinen

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