Elena Uni Oulu Alumni Ambassador

Crazy and beautiful experience

Elena Cirlan
Learning, Education and Techology
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My name is Elena Cirlan. I am a second year Master’s Degree student in Learning, Education and Technology. I come from Moldova (a little European country which is between Ukraine and Romania).

For me coming to Oulu and living here is a crazy and beautiful experience. I am lucky to be here, to see all the beauties a sky can draw, to have the eyelashes frozen because of -35, to experience the helpfulness and kindness of the people, and the very nice attitude bus drivers have.

In Oulu, I have made a lot of friends with whom I often have discussions about our cultures and joyful parties with traditional food. Together with them I acknowledge the differences that make us closer, I gather much knowledge and wisdom, and discover myself.

In Oulu, one of my childhood dreams came true: I finally have my own bicycle. This is another amazing fact about Oulu, here you can cycle as much as you wish because there are hundreds of cycling roads.

I enjoy studying and living here. I am happy that I made the choice and took the risk to come and experience Finland in my own way. 

Last updated: 19.1.2017