Tharwat Uni Oulu Alumni Ambassador

My decision to apply was inspired by conversation with Alumni Ambassador

Tharwat Wasfy
Learning, Education and Technology

Why University of Oulu?

As an educator I am always fascinated by the Finnish educational system where, according to Dr. Sahlberg, “high-quality teachers are at the heart of Finland’s education success story”.  My studies in Finland are a source of inspiration for me to influence the ongoing reforms in the educational system of Egypt.  University of Oulu is one of the largest and the second best university in Finland also ranked in the Academic Ranking of World Universities, so I decided to study Learning and Education Technology here.  

Inspired by Alumni Ambassador

In 2014, I spent two months researching on the program which I am currently enrolled in, yet my decision to apply was inspired by a short phone conversation with an Alumni Ambassador, Aleksandra Lazareva, who immensely helped me to get to know that this is the right programme for me. In turn, I decided to become an Alumni Ambassador to help others.  

Studies in University of Oulu  

I am studying Master’s Program in Learning and Educational Technology. Being a language teacher and learner at the same time for over seven years, I cannot hide my passion for learning foreign languages which drove me to study nine different languages. While exploring how to master fluency in speaking some of them, I decided to write a book on 'Learning & Memory Strategies' in order to help self-regulated learners like myself to organize and better their learning.

Hence my studies in LET are giving me a full confidence to carry on writing and publishing my book and research on the way our mind acquires fluency in speaking foreign languages including learning and memory strategies.

Living in Oulu

Living in a multi-cultural city like Oulu is an enjoyable experience. The openness of Finnish people towards foreigners, their friendliness as well as their welcome to international communities and activities is incomparable to other countries in EU. This as well as the very approachable staff members of the University of Oulu has added a tremendous value to my academic and social life. Not forgetting to mention that I am enjoying the most tremendous experience in my whole life as an Entrepreneur in Educational Technology which is being part of Business Kitchen and participating in broadly engaging entrepreneurial activities in Oulu University.   


Last updated: 5.1.2017