Erdem Uni Oulu Alumni Ambassador

Almost every student in the field of Education has heard the success story of the Finnish education system

Erdem Onan
Learning, Education and Technology
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Hello! My name is Erdem Onan and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in the field of educational technology from the Education Department of Hacettepe University, Turkey. At the moment, I am a Master’s degree student of the Learning, Education and Technology Program. 

During the first year of studies, I came to the conclusion that in order to truly expand my perspective on life entirely whist still being able fully understand and appreciate an individual country I must study there. This conclusion led me to apply for the Erasmus+ Student Mobility Program. I spent last year in Germany seeing firsthand the systematical diversity between the different educational approaches and cultures’ effects on the learning process. This great experience also provided me extremely valuable insight into studying and living in a multicultural environment. 

Almost every student in the field of Education has heard the success story of the Finnish Education System through PISA or similar studies. My first interaction with the Finnish Education System was reading the book “Finland, the Country of White Lilies” which was written by Grigory Petrov and distinctly depicts the strong correlation between education and the different components of science, such as politics and sociology. These readings, scientific researches, and having had the opportunity to pursue my education in a multicultural environment has led to my strong desire to explore the Finnish Education System’s features in a more in-depth manner.

Furthermore, the high reputation of the University Oulu and their intense research programs in the field of Education Science has captured my attention. I believe that, any individual with a Master’s degree from the University of Oulu, will be able to conduct more satisfactory and substantial studies in related area post-graduation.

Last updated: 19.1.2017