Iryna University of Oulu Alumni Ambassador

I realized that if I do not give it a try I will regret it

Iryna Miakush 
Learning, Education and Technology
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My journey started a few years ago, when I found out about the Learning, Education and Technology Master’s Degree Programme. I considered applying for this programme for two years. At the beginning, the whole process seemed to be complicated. However, I realized that if I do not give it a try I will regret it.

To be honest, the application process was stressful for me, because there was so much I did not know anything about and obviously, I was so much hoping for a successful outcome. I read all the information I could find online and I contacted LET programme coordinator and Alumni Ambassadors. Thus, I learnt a lot about the University, the programme and application process. Thanks to that, I went through the application period smoothly after all.

Now, I am a 1st year student in the LET Programme. During the first semester, we learnt a lot about different learning methods, theories and pedagogical use of technologies. We are learning from each other every day and it is important to respect and support people around you!

What I like the most about this Programme is that we are learning by doing. Study program is built in a way that the student gains the most important skills for work and real life. If you feel that you need to improve some specific skills or gain knowledge about a specific topic, you have many possibilities for that! 

Let me help you with your journey! As an Alumni Ambassador, I will be glad to share my experience, knowledge and answer your questions regarding studies and student life at the University of Oulu, Finland.


Last updated: 19.1.2017