Data Management Planning

Research data management and its planning play a key role throughout the life cycle of research. University of Oulu requires that the researchers draw up data management plans (DMP) already at the planning phase of the research. The plans are to be updated as the research proceeds. Data management plan is not just a formality required by the funding agencies, but it plays an important role when considering the life cycle of data, data authorship, ownership, access rights, terms and conditions, long-term preservation, data protection as well as legal and ethical issues. 

DMPTuuli is a web service that is used by Finnish universities and research institutes for data management planning. University of Oulu recommends researchers to use DMPtuuli. DMPTuuli contains funder-specific - eg. Academy of Finland - guidelines and templates that support planning.

University of Oulu strongly encourages responsible data management and follows actively the quality and quantities of the data managements plans.


Last updated: 8.3.2019