Data management, preservation and archiving

The main storage for active research data is on the file storage of the IT Administration Services.

University of Oulu primarily supports the use of national Fairdata services maintained by CSC. University also strongly recommends the use of the EUDAT Data Infrastructure. Support is especially provided for B2SHARE and B2DROP services. One of the main goals of 2019 is to expand the use of the services of the Finnish Social Science Data Archive, Language Bank and ELIXIR Finland.

University of Oulu has an digital archive for research data containing personal data. If the research data is owned by the University, the data is archived in accordance with the terms of the funding agency, the legislation and the data management plan. Research plans and final reports, as well as documentation and research outputs for significant research projects, shall be permanently preserved.

Fairdata-PAS is a national long term preservation service, which is recommended and supported by the University of Oulu.

Last updated: 19.3.2019