Solving the mysteries of the climate

When you light a candle or fry dinner on a pan you fill your lungs with tiny nanoparticles. At their smallest they measure less than 0.000000001 meters and they’re all around us. Nønne Prisle is an Associate professor at the University of Oulu and she’s on a mission. She utilises this smallest particle in the atmosphere to help predict a humongous problem: climate change.

Prisle’s research is so promising that the European Research Council granted her 1.5 million euros of research funding at the end of 2016. The five-year research project requires the world’s brightest MAXIV IV laser, international cooperation, and Prisle’s amazing attitude.

”This opportunity they give to ordinary people like me to work with these giant tools that I could never have the access otherwise is just empowering and liberating. My team and I can spend our time pursuing answers to fundamental questions like what will be the best way to ensure that we still have a healthy Earth to pass on to the next generations.”

Nønne Prisle works in the Nano and Molecular Systems Research unit at the University of Oulu in collaboration with the MAX IV laboratory in Lund.

Watch the video to see what one of Europe’s best atmospheric physicists wants to achieve with her work.

Last updated: 1.11.2017