Oulu 5G Hackathon comes again

Oulu 5GFWD Hackathon challenges the world’s greatest coders and enterprises to crack these challenges and more on June 9–11.2017 The total value of prizes to the winners is more than 25 000 euros. Deadline for applications is on April 12.

This time 5G Hackathon 2017 solves challenges set by Nokia, Sonera and Oulu University Hospital.  Can you go to school in a park through VR glasses after the speed of data transfer is no longer an issue? What will a digital Nokia factory of the future be like? How can superfast mobile technology make people’s hospital visits safer, quicker and more comfortable?

“5G changes our lives on all levels. Its incredible speed and minimal delay can improve work safety as we can remotely operate machines under dangerous conditions. Or a surgeon can take part in a hospital consultation from a coffee shop on the other side of the globe. We can also attend a live concert in the front row – from our own backyard,” explains Olli Liinamaa, the 5G Project Manager for the University of Oulu.

The processes of Nokia’s Oulu factory, the virtual environment of Oulu University Hospital, the 5G test laboratories of VTT Technical Research Centre and the University of Oulu as well as the partnership of Sonera are all available to the 5GFWD participants in June.

More information 5GFWD – Oulu 5G Innovation Challenge 

Last updated: 28.2.2017