A mineral finding could solve the energy demands of small appliances

Microelectronics researchers at the University of Oulu have discovered a type of the mineral perovskite which makes it possible to convert sunlight, heat and motion into energy simultaneously. The material makes it possible to solve the energy demands of small appliances and sensors without the need to charge them at all from the electrical grid.

Researchers call this perovskite type KBNNO. It is a ferroelectric material like all perovskites. According to the recent study, the composition of KBNNO can be modified to maximize its various capabilities to generate electricity.

The research is led by Marie Curie Research Fellow, Dr. Yang Bai from the Microelectronics Research Unit MIC. The project aims to build a prototype of a multi-energy-harvesting device.

The results of the research have been published in Applied Physics Letters and referred in Material Can Turn Sunlight, Heat and Movement Into Electricity - All at Once  (AIP Publishing) and many other international media sources.

Last updated: 2.3.2017