Latest adipose tissue research is the theme of Biocenter Day

The adipose tissue of our energy reserve is the shock absorber of our body and sculptor of our topography, and it has been given new shades in recent research. The adipose tissue secretes hormones which regulate the energy balance of the body, and participates in regulating the diseases related to fatness.

This issue has become more topical than before now that metabolically active brown adipose tissue has been found in adult people. A large amount of adipose tissue has been found to predispose to many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Biocenter Oulu Day 2017 tackles this hot topic with the theme Fifty Shades of FAT. The event takes place on Thursday 23 March 2017 at 9:00-16:35 in the Leena Palotie Hall in the main building of the medical campus in the University of Oulu (address Aapistie 5A).

The scientific presentations during the event will present, for example, the ways in which fatness predisposes to diabetes, cancer, and the metabolic disease. It also presents the latest findings in research on brown adipose tissue.

Six internationally distinguished experts in biomedicine will come to Oulu to talk about the latest achievements in adipose tissue research. They are professor James G. Granneman of Wayne State University in the United States; professor Amanda Kiliaan of Radboud University in the Netherlands; professor Marja-Riitta Taskinen of the University of Helsinki in Finland; professor Catherine Muller of the University of Toulouse in France; and professor Jan Nedergaard of the University of Stockholm in Sweden.

Biocenter Oulu is a multidisciplinary research, development and collaboration centre in the University of Oulu. It was the first biocenter in Finland at the time of its founding in 1986. Biocenter Oulu represents the research focus area in the University of Oulu, “Molecular and environmental basis for lifelong health”.

There are approximately 250 experts experts in the bio field working in the research projects and research infrastructure core services of Biocenter Oulu. Biocenter Oulu Day is an annual event with a changing theme. It is organized by the Doctoral Students working in Biocenter Oulu research projects this year for the 27th time.

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Last updated: 27.3.2017