Atmospheric Research Group

Faculty of Science

The Atmospheric Research (ATMOS) Group is located at the Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit and part of Oulu University’s Kvantum Institute. Our main focus is on properties and functions of nanoparticles for atmospheric chemistry and climate change. We currently run a H2020 ERC grant and two Academy of Finland projects. We integrate a wide array of experimental and computational approaches, including synchrotron radiation excited spectroscopy, nano-particle measurements, thermodynamics, atmospheric chemistry, climate modeling, and artificial intelligence.

Research topics:

  • Development and implementation of instrumentation for synchrotron radiation based studies of atmospheric chemistry and aerosols at the FinEstBEAMS beamline at the MAX IV laboratory.
  • Agent-based modeling and AI optimization for reduction of air pollution related to transportation, as part of Oulu Smart City.
  • Aerosol thermodynamics and process model development for atmos-pheric chemistry and climate model implementation.

More information:

Associate Professor Nonne Prisle, Head of Group,

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Last updated: 2.4.2020