Space Climate Research Unit

Faculty of Science 

Space Climate Research Unit (SCRU) consists of 2 permanent professors, 4 senior scientists, 3 postdocs and 6 doctoral students. Main supervisors are prof. Kalevi Mursula, head of SRCU, and Dr. Timo Asikainen. SCRU hosts the Center of Excellence in Research on Solar Long-term Variability and Effects (ReSoLVE) funded by the Academy of Finland.

Research topics:

  • Centennial to millennial variation of solar magnetic activity
  • Structure and evolution of solar magnetic fields in the Sun and in the heliosphere
  • Solar wind
  • Geomagnetic activity and magnetic storms
  • Magnetospheric energetic particles
  • Solar wind-related effects in the near-Earth space environment, including the Earth's atmosphere and climate.

The Unit uses all possible long-term data bases that contain information about the Sun or its effects, thus including the big data aspect as a natural precondition. Typical large data sets are century-long measurements of the Earth's geomagnetic field at several tens of locations in different parts of the world, 50-year long measurements of the Sun's magnetic field at several observatories on ground and in space, satellite measurements of solar wind since during the whole 60-year space age, as well as century-long data bases of measured and simulated conditions of the Earth's atmosphere at different altitudes and locations. Particular big data aspects for SCRU are the long-term homogeneity of data, recovery of historical data, possible changes in the sampling, treatment, storage and statistical properties of data, as well as recognizing and verifying possible long-term variations and trends, and finding new spatial-temporal patterns and possible relationships in and between different long-term data sets.

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