Population, conservation and evolutionary ecology

Faculty of Science

Our recognized research group focuses on predicting the impact of environmental change in natural ecosystems. The key question is: can populations adapt, and do the rates of adaptation at different trophic levels compromise the functions of ecosystems? We study how microevolutionary and plastic responses impact ecosystem function within a tri-trophic boreal system: deciduous trees–folivorous insects–insectivorous passerines. We utilize experimentation and unique individual-based long-term population data.

Research topics:

  • Information use and plasticity in reproductive decisions of birds
  • Importance of maternal and paternal effects in the evolution of life-histories of birds
  • Roles of within generation and transgenerational plasticity in adaptation: insects and birds

More information:

Professor Markku Orell, Markku.Orell@oulu.fi


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Last updated: 3.4.2017