Fibre and Particle Engineering

Faculty of Technology

Sustainable use of natural resources is our intention throughout all research work. Our target is to foster circular and bioeconomies by developing new materials from inorganic secondary resources as well as by to developing advanced materials and chemicals based on renewable biomass resources.

We are group of two professors, 15 doctors, 15 doctoral students and a number of MSc students working in two different focus areas: 1) sustainable cementitious materials and 2) nanocellulose materials. Our project portfolio covers a wide range of grants funded by national and European sources and we publish more than 50 scientific publications annually. Our target is high quality and productivity in all of our activities.

Research topics:

  • Sustainable cementitious materials (geopolymers, waste stabilization
  • Nanocellulose biomaterials and chemicals (green fabrication chemistries, novel applications)

More information:

Professor Mirja Illikainen,


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Last updated: 6.4.2020