Sustainable Chemistry

Faculty of Technology

The research unit of Sustainable Chemistry consists of a total of 45 employers (3 professors, 7 university researchers/lecturers, 11 post-doctoral researchers, 9 other staff and approximately 15-20 PhD students) in the field of applied chemistry, analytical chemistry and organic chemistry. Research unit has extensive international and national networks and active industrial cooperation. Unit has research activities in Linnanmaa main campus (Oulu) and in Kokkola campus.

Research topics:

  • Efficient methods (chemical precipitation, adsorption and electrocoagulation) in the treatment of industrial wastewaters, such as acid mine drainage;

  • Advanced lithium-ion battery chemicals – preparation and electrochemical characterization of cathodes;

  • Lignocellulosic side streams as raw materials for biochemicals;

  • Use of industrial secondary raw materials as chemical coagulant, as adsorbent or in the recovery of nutrients.

More information:

Professor Ulla Lassi,


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Last updated: 6.4.2020