10,532 admission applications to the University of Oulu in the joint application of universities

There were 10,532 persons in total who applied to the University of Oulu in this spring’s joint application for Finnish universities. The number includes those who applied for Bachelor’s programmes and those who applied for Finnish Master’s programmes. 5,567 applicants, over half of all applicants, had the University of Oulu as their first choice. The appeal of the University of Oulu is in the increase.

The most popular fields were, as in previous years, economics and business administration, medicine, and teacher training. The number of applicants increased the most in the application targets of economics and business administration, logopedics, medicine, and industrial engineering.

There are 2,131 study places in Bachelor’s and Master’s education, which means that one in five applicants to the University of Oulu will get a study place this year.

The next stage of student admission are the entrance exams. The University of Oulu will not send a separate invitation to the exams, unless otherwise mentioned in the selection criteria. More information of the entrance exam dates and how to prepare for them.

Results of student admission will be published earliest on 12 May 2017, and all results from admissions with several stages will be ready by 30 June 2017. The place of study must be accepted by 14 July 2017 at 15:00 in Studyinfo.fi. You can follow the progress of admissions in the My Studyinfo service.

There may be changes to the numbers of applicants in the recount.

There were 1,425 applications this year for the international Master’s programmes in the University of Oulu in a separate application procedure which ended in January.

Last updated: 7.4.2017