Questions and answers on campus development projects

What workspace projects are there currently going on at the University of Oulu?

Linnanmaa campus:

  • New premises for the Oulu School of Architecture, implementation 12/2016-12/2017
  • Process Technology Project phase 1.2, implementation 1/2017-6/2017
  • Process Technology Project phase 2.0, planning in progress, implementation 10/2017-6/2018
  • New premises for the Faculty of Education at project design stage
  • New premises for the Faculty of Humanities at project design stage
  • Teaching space and lecture hall project planning stage, currently on hold

Kontinkangas campus:

  • New building for dentistry completed, construction of a restaurant area and areas outside will be completed 9/2017.

How can students participate in the planning of the premises?

Kick-off and conversation sessions have been held for all students and staff involved in the changes. Such sessions have taken place in the beginning of the premises design phase for the Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Education.

In the planning phase student representatives are involved in the space design work group where they can actively influence the planning, bring forth students’ opinions and views, and communicate the plans and scenarios to the students.

In large projects the decisions are made by the University Board. Students have two representatives in the Board.

Who represent the students in the premises planning process?

The Student Union OYY has nominated the following representatives for the projects in design phase:

New premises for the Faculty of Humanities:
Iia Paloheimo, substitute: Kalle Parviainen

New premises for the Faculty of Education:
Tino Nissinen, substitute: Susa Vikeväkorva

Teaching space and lecture hall project:
Reetta Jokela, substitute: Miina-Anniina Heiskanen

What are the objectives of the teaching space and lecture hall project and why was the planning put on hold?

The project started with the relocation planning for the Faculty of Education. The objective of the teaching space project is to increase both the number of lecture halls and the introduction of new types of teaching facilities. According to the working group’s preliminary plan, however, the number of teaching halls would not increase from the present. The time-out is needed to re-evaluate the need and current teaching space capacity for the entire Linnanmaa campus.

The University Board discusses and decides on the progress and contracts of the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Education premises projects on May 3-4, 2017.

How will the premises for independent studying be organized in Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas campuses?

Premises for independent studying are continuously developed by utilizing public and semi-public space for group work, and as well offering working spaces for silent work. For example computer laboratories have been opened to students outside the teaching classes. (New map of spaces available will be published soon.)

Lecture halls L7, L8, and L9 have been opened for students outside the teaching hours. Granting 24/7 campus access for students is currently being piloted with test groups.

Why have the Tellus workspaces been moved to Pegasus library?

Tellus Innovation Arena was opened in its current form in January 2016. During the ongoing year, we have received feedback from the users of the silent study areas in Tellus. According to this feedback users have found it difficult to focus in silent work in the quiet area.

Since the nature of Tellus is mainly co-operative, and noise cannot be avoided, we began to think about moving the quiet space to a more peaceful place already in the fall of 2016. Student representatives have been informed about the plan first time in November 2016.

During spring 2017, a plan was made to move the silent workstations to the main library Pegasus, where reading areas are reserved for quiet work. At the end of April, 29 workstations have been moved to Pegasus' second floor. The location of the 20 workstations remaining in Tellus is currently under discussion and a meeting request has been sent to OYY's representatives April 26, 2017.

The above mentioned area in Tellus will remain in student use in the future, with emphasis on working life projects, innovation and entrepreneurship education (Business Kitchen activities). Group work spaces enabling workshops, team work and various events have been planned. Like the rest of the Tellus premises, these spaces will be open for student use when they are not reserved for specific events.

Last updated: 3.5.2017