Orion´s roadshow 29.5.: Oriontation - 100 ideas competition

Monday, May 29, 2017

To celebrate the 100 years of Finland and Orion Corporation, Orion Pharma invites all university students and academics in Finland to participate in Oriontation — 100 ideas competition, with three categories for ideas beneficial to human and animal patients. Categories are:

  1. Towards safer medicines
  2. Making more effective medicines
  3. Advanced technologies for drug development and patient care

The idea can be anything from a new potential medicine to the technologies needed for drug development or patient care. Prizes are EUR 10,000 per category. Application deadline is 30 September, 2017.

You can get more info from webpages and Orion´s roadshow in Oulu. Come to listen more from the competition and opportunities that it will provide:


at 10.00 am Kontinkangas campus, Lecture hall 116B

at 13.00 am Linnanmaa campus, Lecture hall L9


Program ( ~ 1 hour):

Opening the event

Maarit Jokela, Innovation Manager, University of Oulu

Oriontation – 100 ideas

Carina Stenfors, Principal Research Scientist and Mervi Väsänge, Laboratory Manager, Orion Corporation

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Event location

Kontinkangas 116B / Linnanmaa L9

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Last updated: 9.5.2017