OuluHealth Labs is testing an application for mapping memory disorders

Scandicode, a company in Oulu, has developed an application running on a tablet, which can be used for testing traits that tell about a person’s ability to function, such as their attention, reactions, memory, decision-making, and concentration.

The solution is currently being tested as part of the OuluHealth Labs operations in the well-being centres of the City of Oulu in Haukipudas and Kiiminki. Acting as testers are people who come to the health care center for memory symptoms, who are willing to take the tests, and who have no restrictions for testing such as poor eyesight.

Osmo Hietala, 80, tested Scandicode’s solution in the Haukipudas well-being centre with the guidance of memory nurse Anu Wiman. “The test was interesting. I definitely recommend others to try it”, says Hietala after a 30 minutes testing spell.

Nowadays, testing of an aged person’s memory and cognitive ability is performed with pencil and paper, and the tests can be time-consuming and subjective. According to the estimate by the Alzheimer Society of Finland, annually 14,500 people in Finland get a memory disease, so there is an increasing need for developing tools used in mapping memory disorders.

”The goal of the testing is to get information on the usability of the application in a real environment, and to estimate whether the application is better in evaluating cognitive function than current methods”, says Ulla-Maija Kipinä, expert who is working for the City of Oulu.

Juho Mattila, CEO of Scandicode, thanks OuluHealth participants for the support they provide for companies. “I met with the other founders of Scandicode, Sakari Pelkonen and Dayou Yang, in connection with the Oulu University of Applied Sciences LAB operations, which connects students and professionals. Director of the Centre for Health and Technology in the University of Oulu, Maritta Perälä-Heape, has been our mentor from the start and has provided us with important information for our product conceptualizing. Funding has been organized (OuluHealth Sparks) through the OuluHealth participants also, and naturally this opportunity for testing in the well-being centres of the city as well”, says Mattila.

Scandicode was founded in 2016. The company’s short term goal is to get a CE label for the product, and consequently get it to international markets. Mattila sees that the company’s solution can be utilized, in addition to well-being centre, also in home care, elderly care, and well before memory problems start occurring.

The OuluHealth ecosystem speeds up the cooperation between healthcare companies, research institutes, and public actors, and helps innovations to come into use faster. OuluHealth Labs is the development platform of the ecosystem, where companies and professionals in social and health care may develop their ideas and products in cooperation with patients.

Main image: Osmo Hietala (right) was testing the application with memory nurse Anu Wiman in the Haukipudas well-being centre.

Last updated: 17.5.2017