Agnico Eagle Finland Oy donates a million Euros to the University of Oulu

Main image shows the Minipilot concentrator facility, which is in educational and research use in the University of Oulu. Picture: Juha Sarkkinen.

Agnico Eagle Finland Oy is donating a million Euros to the University of Oulu. The company is a subsidiary of a Canadian mining company. The deed of donation was signed in the University of Oulu on Tuesday 30 May 2017.

The donation is based on the company’s goal of doing long-term mining according to sustainable development, and securing the future knowhow for the industry. Agnico Eable Finland Oy is operating in Kittilä, which is the location of Europe’s biggest goldmine.

”Agnico Eagle’s goal and wish is that there is an internationally high-class center for mining education and research in Northern Finland. The potential and opportunities in mining are particularly located in the Northern region. It is therefore essential that education and research are also located in the region”, says Senior Advisor Ingmar Haga, the long standing CEO of Agnico Eagle Finland Oy.

”It is important for Northern mining and the securing of skillful workforce in the industry that the young people in the region will get their education for the industry in the North, and that it will not be necessary to attract workers from the south. Another important thing for the future of mining is the cooperation between educational establishments in the region, and the development of Nordic Mining School. In this, Oulu is a key player”, says Haga.

”We share a common goal here”, confirms Dean of Oulu Mining School Juha Pekka Lunkka. “Oulu Mining School is the international mining education and research unit in the University of Oulu. Its mission is to secure the work force resources that the industry needs, and to do research in mining and ore concentration, as well as in geosciences, to serve industry and commerce”, he says.

Rector of the University of Oulu Jouko Niinimäki appreciates Agnico Eagle’s partnership with the University. ”Sustainable development is one of the strong underlying themes of our strategy. Sustainable use of natural resources in the North and in the Arctic is vital, because the Arctic is one of the cleanest and best preserved natural environments in the world. Our Arctic research programme leans on strong partnerships, and collaboration with the key companies in the industry is a central part of this.”

Representatives of the donor, Agnico Eagle Finland Oy, in the publication event were Mikko Korteniemi (left), director of the Kittilä mine, Senior Advisor Ingmar Haga, and company board member Pertti Voutilainen. The donation was received by rector Jouko Niinimäki, vice rector for education Helka-Liisa Hentilä, dean Juha Pekka Lunkka, and dean for education Saija Luukkanen. Standing in the picture is the University community relations chief Sakari Jussi-Pekka.

Main image shows the Minipilot concentrator facility, which is in educational and research use in the University of Oulu. Picture: Juha Sarkkinen.

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Last updated: 1.6.2017