University of Oulu Alumni Ambassadors 2018-2019

Apply to be a UniOulu Ambassador!

Applications for the UniOulu Ambassador program are closed. The application round will open in August-September 2020.

The UniOulu Ambassador programme is open to current Master's and doctoral students of the University of Oulu.  New students may apply.

As a UniOulu Ambassador, you want to share your experience as a student of the University of Oulu with international applicants. Your main task is to be active on social media channels, especially Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. You may represent the University of Oulu also in webinars, campus visits, study fairs and other events. You will often work together with Oulukaverit, your peer student ambassadors studying in the Finnish-taught degree programmes.

You will make good friends, polish communication skills and gain insight into the field of higher education communications, marketing and public affairs as a potential future career opportunity. UniOulu Ambassadors will be compensated for some duties while some tasks remain volunteering opportunities.

You will go through a training programme after which you will feel confident in your role as a UniOulu Ambassador.  Please have a careful look at the schedule below; you need to be able to participate in the training sessions. Some training sessions will be organised over the weekend and after office hours to minimize coinciding with lectures. In addition to the training sessions, you will meet regularly with UniOulu Ambassador team leaders and the University of Oulu marketing team. Also, you will have student ambassador get-togethers and other social gatherings.

You can find the application form here during the application period (next application period will be in August-September 2020).

After the application period, all applicants  will be interviewed. We only consider applicants who attend the interview.

Selection results will be announced to all applicants after the interviews.

More information:
The programme is coordinated by the University of Oulu Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs. For more information, please contact the UniOulu Ambassador team leaders Vy Nguyen and Ana Beltran at Tran.Nguyen(at) and Ana.Beltran(at)

Application and selection 2019-2020

Application period.
There will be an info session during the orientation programme for new students

13.9.2019 at 9.00-18.00      
Interviews in Tellus Innovation Arena, rooms Aspire and Frost (#5 and #4 on the map)

Selection results announced to all applicants

UniOulu Ambassador Training Programme 2019-2020

Attending the training sessions is mandatory.

18.9.2019 at 8.00-9.00
Welcome, new UniOulu Ambassadors!
Morning coffee with an introduction to the programme at Tellus Innovation Arena, Stage

7.-8.10.2019 at 8-16
Presentation and Selling Skills workshop by Langdons consultants (one-day training, you will pick either October 7 or 8). Tellus Innovation Arena, Business Kitchen Stage, Frost Club and Horizon

7.10.2019 at about 16-19.30    
Murder Mystery by Langdons consultants. Tellus Innovation Arena, Business Kitchen Stage

12.10.2019 at 10-15
Training session in Tellus Innovation Arena, Stage

30.10.2019 at 16-18
Training session in Tellus Innovation Arena, Stage

31.10.2019 at 16-20
Training session in Tellus Innovation Arena, Stage

23.11.2019 10-15
Workshop in Liminka

After the Liminka workshop, there will be a training session / meeting about once a month or every two months.

Last updated: 4.10.2019