Experimental 5G Research (lead: Olli Liinamaa CWC/Nokia, Kari Horneman Nokia Bell Labs)

Strategic goal:

Bring future connectivity research results to experimental deployments for verticals and related businesses’. University of Oulu is managing 5G test network (5GTN), an innovation platform for future technology and services. Campus-wide network is used for research, education, daily life and business acceleration including:

  • Open technology and service development platform for collaborators
  • Business model research and experiments
  • Big data collection, analysis and utilization
  • Crowd sourcing based service creation
  • Rich content based interactive teaching
  • Positioning technology and related solution creation
  • Versatile sensor network with IoT applications with aggressive business acceleration
  • 5G radio prototyping

The aim of the experimental research is to study the end-to-end communication solutions and related technologies to manage not only communication itself but also the applications. The communication solutions cover network operation and management topics and resource management topic both for radio and core networks. The applications relate to such verticals as industrial IoT, connected robots, vehicle communication, connected eHealth, value-added services for enterprises etc.

University of Oulu and Nokia are participating several funded research projects in experimental 5G research.

Example projects:

  • 5G TN+ (Tekes and industry co-funded project) - Campus-wide 5G test network is an innovation platform for future technology and services.
  • CORNET (Tekes and industry co-funded project) -  develop a powerful test platform where the Quality of Service of critical communications in commercial radio networks as well as the operability of movable temporary radio networks can be tested in a real-life environment.
  • uO5G (Tekes and industry co-funded project) - Micro-operators are expected to change not only the management of wireless 5G networks, but also affect remarkably on service architectures, as well as the contents of services and the role of end-users.

Latest Ongoing Experiments:

  • 5G-Champion -  Results from mmWave RF research are brought to 5G demos during 2018 Korea Olympics.
  • uO5G – 5G micro operator concept tested in different vertical applications with new business models.
  • 5GTN+ - IoT technology and service trial targeting better life quality with care and personal fitness verticals
  • 5GTN+ - 5G network for live sport events, music festivals and TV programs.
  • Cornet – Public safety experiment with 5G with seamless remote patient monitoring and ambulance connection


Experimental 5G Research