Rehtori Jouko Niinimäki ja NJIT:n presidentti Sun Yukun allekirjoittivat sopimuksen ohjelmistotuotannon kandidaattiohjelmasta Nanjingissa syyskuun viimeisellä viikolla.

University of Oulu to export a Bachelor's Programme in Software Engineering to China

The University of Oulu has signed a significant agreement with the Nanjing Institute of Technology (NJIT) on the launch of a Bachelor's Programme in Software Engineering in China. The education export project is the biggest in the university so far. It is also one of the biggest among all externally funded projects in the university.

The first stage of the agreement is to last ten years. The degree programme will have 100 starting places each year, and the first group of students is to begin their studies in autumn 2018. In four years, the number of students studying in the programme will rise to 400.

In addition to this agreement, Rector Jouko Niinimäki visits Beijing on October 9–10 to sign a wider Memorandum of Understanding. This memorandum aims to launch three new mutual programmes between the University of Oulu and the Nanjing Institute of Technology. Finnish Minister of Education Sanni Grahn-Laasonen is very pleased with the memorandum, which is signed during her visit to China.

Significant step for internationalisation

In the Software Engineering programme, the University of Oulu will produce 18 courses, which is nearly half of the programme. The remaining courses will be implemented by the Nanjing Institute of Technology (NJIT). Each of the programme's courses must comply with the quality requirements of both universities. Students who complete the programme will receive a degree from both universities.

Professor Markku Oivo, who has headed the preparation of the cooperation, describes the degree programme as significant with regard to the internationalisation of the University of Oulu as a whole and its teachers. Cooperation in teaching will also open doors for research cooperation.

‘We will gain a new type of understanding of Chinese culture by teaching on location. At the same time we will develop our own teaching. Students will pay a tuition fee for their studies, which means that the quality of studies and teaching must be excellent.’

Teachers from the University of Oulu are to teach in China for 2–3 week intensive periods after which teaching will continue as distance studies. The language of instruction will be English.

Finland has a strong reputation in education

Professor Oivo believes that the Chinese people's interest for cooperation is based on Finland's and the Oulu region's strong reputation in information and communication technology. The University of Oulu's Software Engineering unit M3S is internationally recognised for its research. Additionally, Finland has achieved an excellent reputation worldwide with its comprehensive school system.

Professor Oivo is excited about cooperation with China.

‘The country is investing a great deal in information technology and internationalisation, and this is a good time to begin a joint programme with them. China is very advanced in areas such as electric cars, smart cities and e-commerce.’

Last updated: 9.10.2017