Biobased carbon nanomaterials for electronic applications

The Fibre and Particle Engineering and Microelectronics Research Units of University of Oulu have received research funding from Tekes for their project “Green carbon nanofibers for large area electronics” (Grelectronics) for two years.

The aim in the project is to develop high-value electronic devices based on green carbon nanomaterials derived from secondary flows of biobased raw materials and by so, contribute to the Finnish bioeconomy and circular economy. The research will focus on the development of biocarbon nanomaterials, and their use in lightweight nanocomposite materials where the electric functionality will bring added value. The nanomaterials are made by carbonization of electrospun lignin nanofibers and biocarbon prepared from pyrolyzed wood. These green carbon nanomaterials have great potential in the development of new environmentally friendly and lightweight electronic materials for electromagnetic interference absorbers, electromechanical sensing applications and supercapacitors, for example. The product development and design will be made together with the material producers and end users.
Research will be conducted by Fibre and Particle Engineering and Microelectronics Research Units at the University of Oulu in collaboration with the industrial partners St1 Renewable Energy Oy, Ravelast Oy, Biocore Oy and Premix Group Oy.
More information:
Professor Kristiina Oksman, Fiber and Particle Engineering Research Unit, email: kristiina.oksman(at)
Professor Heli Jantunen, Microelectronics Research Unit, email: heli.jantunen(at)


Last updated: 4.7.2018