The Age of Adjustments - Critical and historical perspectives on governing citizens, health and the environment


Project description

This research community focuses on environmental and medical humanities. We apply research tools from human sciences to the study of the environment, health and social engineering. We are interested in on versatile and partly intertwining issues, such as sustainability, commodification of the biosphere, recreation, tourism and well-being, definitions of disease and health, and social technologies. We aim at multidisciplinary (e.g. cultural anthropology, history, human geography and philosophy) analysis of the interrelationships between the concepts of citizenship, wellbeing and environment in the context of the development of ideas of engineering and adjustment.”

Project coordinator

University of Oulu


Cultural Anthropology

People, well-being and environment: past, present and tomorrow

Professor Hannu I. Heikkinen: Hannu.I.Heikkinen(at)


History of Science and Ideas

The Adjusted Mind: the Organization of Society through the Control and Management of Individuals

Professor Petteri Pietikäinen: Petteri.Pietikainen(at)


History of Science and Ideas

Common goods: History of health and wellbeing in Finland, from the 18th to the 20th century.

Academy of Finland research fellow Heini Hakosalo: Heini.Hakosalo(at)



Manipulating nature - case studies in environmental history and philosophy

Adjunct professor and university lecturer Kari Väyrynen: Kari.Vayrynen(at)


Human Geography

Tourism, Environment and Well-being

Professor Jarkko Saarinen: Jarkko.Saarinen(at)