Arctic interactions (ArcI): Coupling of nature and human responses to understand and mitigate global change

ARCTIC INTERACTIONS is a profiling area in the Changing climate and northern environment strategic research focus area of the University of Oulu. It is funded by a specific funding instrument of the Academy of Finland to strengthen the universities´ research profiles in Finland.

Warming of the Arctic threatens the provision of key ecosystem services that rely on fundamental water, carbon and nutrient processes. This jeopardise traditional cultures and livelihoods and tourism. Understanding the global changes in the North and dealing with it in sustainable ways is important globally and crucial for Finland.

The goal of ArcI is to provide an integrated approach that couples natural and societal responses for a fundamental understanding and weaving this into sustainable resource use, impact mitigation and viable communities throughout the North.

The research is carried out in the university’s strategic research focus institutes Kvantum and Thule and the Faculties of Science, Technology, and Humanities.

Director: Prof. Bjørn Kløve, Kvantum Institute, University of Oulu
Vice Director: Prof. Jeffrey Welker, Ecology and Genetics Research Unit, University of Oulu

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