Circuits and Systems Group – CAS

Project description

Strategic research project of the University of Oulu

Focus Institute: Infotech Oulu

Faculty: Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

The interest of the CAS group (Circuits and Systems) is devoted to certain novel devices, circuit topologies and functional units, although the group is also working with applications, especially in the field of electronic/optoelectronic measurements and radio telecommunications.  The main research fields of the CAS group are high speed pulse electronics and linearization of electronics. In high speed pulse electronics, the research focus is on pulsed time-flight techniques and the development of related circuits, devices and applications. The group represents, for example, the current state of the art in the field of long-range of time-to-digital converter circuits. The specialty of this group is that in addition to electronics, it has also solid experience in optoelectronic circuits and devices. Within the topic of linearization of electronics the emphasis is on analysis and correction of non-linear distortion. In this field, the group has carried out fundamental work in explaining distortion memory effects in RF power amplifiers.


Aram Baharmast

PhD. student