Networking – NET

Project description

Strategic research project of the University of Oulu

Focus Institute: Infotech Oulu

Faculty: Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

NET consists of three research groups: 1) Networking 2) Future Wireless Internet and Sensor Network Architectures and 3) Sensor Networking. In the search for future new networking paradigms, NET is doing research in the field of 5G/6G network architectures, wireless internet, cognitive networks, spectra management, networks economics and security, low exposure wireless networks, as well as future Internet applications. Scientific problems the group is engaged in include: network optimization on layers 2.5 (MAC) , 3 and 4, development of secure network architectures, development of efficient sensor networks architectures, and efficient protocols on the application layer. Mathematical tools used in the research are network optimization theory, network information theory, queuing and game theory. The NET group also runs an extensive doctoral program to educate our students in the field of networking.