University admissions to change: certificates to provide more opportunities

Student admission based on upper-secondary school certificates and matriculation examinations is becoming a more significant route to university. The system is currently under development with the help of a tool created for scoring matriculation examination grades.

Finnish universities are preparing to admit students based on their prior academic records, by 2020. To help with the reform of the student admission procedure, a tool has been created to help each field of education develop a suitable system for scoring the grades of matriculation examinations. The goal is for field-specific score ranges to be announced by August 2018. 

The tool for scoring the grades of matriculation examinations was presented at a seminar organised by the Ministry of Education and Culture together with the admission reform projects on 7 November 2017.

The university of Oulu vice rector Helka-Liisa Hentilä sees the reform as positive. "The system becomes clearer and more predictable. This will hopefully help young people to find their own field sooner."

Emphasis on native language and mathematics skills

The scoring tool will enable universities to assign points for applicants’ matriculation examination results according to the needs of each field of education. A field may choose to emphasise a single subject in the matriculation examination, or languages, or the natural sciences in general.

ative language studies and mathematics will have particular weight in the tool, to encourage pupils to study them.

Admissions developed from the applicant’s perspective

The goal of the reform is to increase cooperation and develop other admission routes alongside admission based on certificates. The applicant’s perspective figures prominently.
The project also involves research on student admissions.

The admission reform is a key project of the Ministry of Education and Culture, and is being funded until the end of 2019.

Last updated: 7.11.2017