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Researchers of the SIIN community apply linguistic methods to examine the social involvement of individuals of different ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. By social involvement we mean people’s joint participation in different everyday activities - both verbal and physical, and their rights and possibilities to perform actions within different social settings. By studying people’s mundane social interaction, language use and discourses, we are able to draw conclusions about their involvement in both everyday social encounters as well as in society at large. We address this topic by using an extensive data collection of naturally occurring, everyday human interaction, complemented with other data. Our main focus are the everyday intercultural encounters of members of linguistic minorities, and we are interested in multilingual language use among other communicative resources people use to strengthen their involvement in interaction with others. The network brings together research of different orientations within the fields of linguistics – namely conversation analysis, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, language technology and the study of second language acquisition and linguistic corpora. The network joins researchers at different stages of their academic career, helping young researchers in developing their scholarly career. 


Oulun yliopiston SIIN-tutkijaverkosto kokoontuu yleensä parillisten viikkojen maanantaisin. SIIN (Social Interaction and Involvement Network) tuo yhteen kielikontaktien ja monikielisten käytänteiden tutkijoita. Ryhmässä tarkastellaan monikielisyyteen liittyviä ilmiöitä kieliopin, vuorovaikutuksen ja sosiaalisten rakenteiden kautta. Tapaamisissa keskustellaan meneillään olevasta tutkimuksesta, tarkastellaan tutkimusaineistoja ja perehdytään eri teorioihin. Tervetuloa mukaan! Lisätietoja

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University of Oulu

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Maria Frick

Maria Frick

Adjunct Professor, University Lecturer
Niina Kunnas

Niina Kunnas

Adjunct Professor