Seminar on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The 22nd of November 2017 event looks out of the box. The focus is on “innovation and entrepreneurship within the bigger picture” – both as a part of the society widely and processes that function over longer periods of time. The talks in the seminar are targeted to induce insights and discussion amongst the participants about such topics as the role of state, regions and universities in emergence of innovation and entrepreneurship that contributes to economic growth. Presentations will be given by specialists in various human sciences, including business school researchers and economists as well as historians, geographers and sociologists.

The seminar is targeted at senior experts – both practitioners and researchers – who work on economic development and innovation and entrepreneurship and consider them within the bigger picture especially in Finland and China, and beyond. We welcome senior experts working in firms, national and regional politics, public administration, think tanks and research organizations.

Target groups are people with interest and expertise in considering entrepreneurship and innovation in the broader context of institutions, cultural factors and historical dynamics:

  • Finnish and Chinese researchers with expertise and interest in the main theme of the event
  • National (e.g. possibly ministers, but especially members of the parliament), regional politicians and senior public servants
  • Decision-makers in universities (in the collaborating universities, but also more widely)
  • Senior level managers in firms looking for a forum to discuss the wider perspective
  • Senior analysts/managers in state institutions (e.g. Academy of Finland, Tekes, Sitra, VTT) that shape science and innovation policy
  • Senior analysts in corporations (e.g. Confederation of Finnish Industries, main labor unions) looking for a forum to discuss the wider perspective



Further information:

Eudaimonia Institute
Coordinator Mervi Heikkinen
Email: mervi.heikkinen at
Tel: +358 (0)294 48 3817

Faculty of Humanities / History of Science and Ideas
Professor Petteri Pietikäinen
Email: petteri.pietikainen at
Tel: +358 (0)294 48 3303


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