Linnanmaa Campus facing changes – see the biggest moves

The plans for major rearrangements within the university have been finalised. Many preparative facilities projects are also under way. From 2020, the majority of Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ teaching will be based on Linnanmaa campus.

Preparations for the move of Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS) to Linnanmaa are being made in the form of facilities plans and rearrangements.

All facilities at the northern end of Linnanmaa campus will be taken over by Oulu UAS from the scientific library Pegasus onwards; this means the current facilities of the Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Education, as well as the premises of the former Department of Biology and Zoological Museum. Some 4,000 to 6,000 students and 700 personnel members will move from Oulu UAS to Linnanmaa. Teaching in the new facilities will start in autumn 2020.

A decision has been made to adapt the restaurants, libraries and TellUs Innovation Arena for joint use with Oulu UAS. Some issues still remain open in such areas as the development of joint services.
The Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Education will move to the western part of Linnanmaa. Renovations have started in the facilities of the Faculty of Humanities and will continue until the end of June 2018. In this project, the office spaces as well as the club and café facilities on the ground floor will be revamped. Similarly, the future office and special teaching facilities and the Leaf laboratory are currently being renovated in the facilities of the Faculty of Education. These renovations are due to be completed at the end of November 2018.

Continuous facilities development

In January, new facilities for architecture will be completed in the eastern part of Linnanmaa campus, in the area between the T and S corridors. In connection with this project, modern offices will be built on the second and third floor.

The facilities of Process Engineering and Mining have undergone three phases of renovations in total. The final phase, which is currently under way, focuses on the Process Engineering laboratory centre. The work will be completed in June 2018. Offices for Process Engineering and Mining have already been completed on the top floor, as well as MiniPilot facilities Mining on the ground floor.
The reform of the university's service organisation will bring local services closer to the faculties. The decisions on the locations of the local service teams have already been made, more detailed design of the facilities has begun, and the rooms are being furnished. Two local service teams (Faculties of Technology and Science; Faculties of Education, Humanities and Oulu Business School) will move to the current Student Center premises in February or March 2018.

The service point for the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering will be located in Tietotalo 1 and 2 buildings, and these facilities arrangements have mainly been carried out. The facilities arrangements of Kontinkangas local service teams have also been mostly completed.

University of Oulu Extension School Topik will move to temporary facilities on the first floor of TellUs Arena in December 2017 to make room for the Student Center rearrangements. Topik will move to its permanent facilities on the 2nd or 3rd floor of architecture in March or April 2018.

The Financial Services will move from Snellmania service point in the northern part of Linnanmaa to the main building. In addition, internal rearrangements will take place in the main building in February–March 2018.

A restaurant to replace the Zoological Museum, a Mini-Tellus for Kontinkangas

The lease of the University of Oulu’s Zoological Museum will expire in January 2018.  There are plans to open a new student restaurant in these facilities to meet the growing demand for catering services. According to plans, the kitchen of Restaurant Foodoo located opposite the Zoological Museum will be renovated in summer 2018. An extension to the restaurant would be built in 2019–2020.

The scientific collections and preparation facilities of the Zoological Museum will be downsized and co-located with the Botanical Garden, as a new meeting point is set up in the garden. The systematic animal exhibition of the Zoological Museum and other potential exhibits will be put in storage for the time being, and new locations are being planned for some of the collections. The university leadership is working with the city and museum professorionals to find a new place for the exhibit. The university is committed to finance the building of a new exhibit and to support the museum into the future.

A Mini-Tellus with a library, a lobby, an education services point, a café, an auditorium and club facilities will be built on Kontinkangas campus at Aapistie 7. This project is due for completion in summer 2018.

Last updated: 7.12.2017