Chain Antimicrobials Oy got venture capital investment for developing plant-derived antimicrobial peptides

The research-based startup, Chain Antimicrobials Oy, got an investment from Butterfly Ventures. It develops antimicrobial-coated medical devices in order to prevent formation of healthcare-associated infections.

Dr. Tejesvi Mysore and Dr. Anna Maria Pirttilä from Ecology and Genetics discovered from crowberry new peptides, which prevents microbial growth. They are tiny pieces of proteins that are not known to develop resistance in bacteria, unlike normal antibiotics currently in use.

The peptides are active against many different bacterial and fungal species, like E. coli and Candida spp., which are causing healthcare-associated infections.

At first, the company will concentrate on developing catheters, which are coated with the antimicrobial peptides. The risk of getting a catheter-associated bacterial infection increases exponentially depending on the length of catheter use. If the catheter is used for one week, every fourth patient will get an infection and the risk reaches 100% after 30 days.

After discovery, the peptides were developed in 2015-2016 in a Tekes-funded TUTLI-project. The TUTLI funding is aimed to create new research-based business.

The university of Oulu is a partial owner of the company. It started the patenting of peptides and got the shares of the company against the patent rights.

Last updated: 15.12.2017