A publication on solar activity became the most popular online

Professor Ilya Usoskin’s article titled A history of solar activity over the millennia has become the most read Springer online publication in astronomy.  Published in March 2017, the article has been downloaded more than 7600 times.

It deals with solar-activity reconstruction using indirect proxy methods and historical measurement data. These methods allow to reconstruct the Sun’s activity over the past thousand years. The article includes a historical overview and a summary of the development of reconstruction methods.

Usoskin’s study summarises the main features observed in the long-term evolution of solar magnetic activity. Knowing solar-activity variations helps to understand how the magnetic field of the Sun and other stars create a dynamo effect. The article also discusses the significance of observed variations in solar activity for the dynamo theory.

Usoskin’s article is a living publication that is constantly updated as new data become available, so it never becomes outdated.

The article has also been published in the Jultika publication archives of the library of the University of Oulu (http://jultika.oulu.fi/Record/nbnfi-fe201703061963). It has been opened 257 times by the end of the year 2017 which is quite well.

Ilya Usoskin is a researcher at ReSoLVE, the Academy of Finland-funded Centre of Excellence in Research on Solar Long-Term Variability and Effects and the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory.

Ilya G. Usoskin’s publication: A history of solar activity over millennia

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The Sun's extreme ultraviolet light in October 2014. Photo: NASA/SDO

Last updated: 4.7.2018