University traineeships for the summer period are open

The University of Oulu is looking for summer trainees in a more centralised manner than before. Applications for most of the positions are open through 18 February.

The University of Oulu is offering trainee posts this summer for bachelor's students in different fields. Currently about 30 trainee positions are open. The trainee positions typically offer work for two to four months.

""The traineeships have been advertised more extensively than before on the service, which is familiar to students. We want to make sure that as many students as possible know about the trainee positions and how to apply for them", says personnel specialist Heidi Huttunen of the University of Oulu.

"University trainees that we are looking for are generally students who are studying for a degree in the same field and who have been successful in their studies."

More positions could still open later in the spring and in the summer.

In addition to trainees, the University of Oulu is hiring holders of summer job vouchers.  These positions will be announced separately in February-March.

"Holders of summer job vouchers don’t have to have previous work experience, but we are primarily looking for upper secondary school pupils who might eventually apply to study at the University of Oulu, and who might therefore be interested in getting to know us already through summer work", Huttunen says.

See open positions in by choosing "Advanced search" and typing University of Oulu or Oulun yliopisto.

Last updated: 6.2.2018