Around one in six students have experienced bullying

The Faculty of Education is conducting a study on the bullying experienced by University of Oulu students.

Approximately one third (32%) of those who responded to a survey carried out in December said that they were aware that bullying took place at the university, and around one in six (16%) said they had been bullied. Women felt they had been bullied far more often than men did.

Bullying primarily comprised of speaking behind someone's back, criticising someone for no reason or ostracising them from a group. This often happens in connection to studies and in the university's premises, but can also be experienced at student events.

The bully is most commonly a group of students or one student, but about 22% of respondents selected "Other" from the answer options given in the survey.

The majority of respondents felt that the university had done poorly in distributing information on how to get help when someone experiences bullying or had not done so at all. More than half of respondents did not know what to do or who to turn to, if they experienced bullying.

A more detailed analysis of the bullying survey is currently underway. Research on experiences of bullying at the University of Oulu will continue this coming spring with interviews of students, who have felt bullied. The results of the survey will also be discussed by the management team of education. In addition, instructions will be made more specific and steps will be taken to guarantee that the university's faculties and degree programmes take on the necessary measures.

A total of 952 stents responded to the survey sent to all the university's Bachelor's and Master's students in December. Previously, the Finnish Student Health Service has researched bullying experienced by higher education students in connection with health-related studies.

The University of Oulu guideline titled Prevention of bullying and harassment at the University of Oulu can be found on the university's website under the section on Student Wellbeing.

The Student Union of the University of Oulu has appointed contact people for bullying, who students ca contact by email at either or their personal email address found on the website

Further information: Sari Harmoinen tel. +358 50 598 3175, Marjo Laitala, tel. +358 50 465 4028, Johanna Ravaska, tel. +358 40 525 4534

Last updated: 14.2.2018