A new type of meeting place is taking shape in the Botanical Gardens

The Gardens' greenhouses will be closed temporarily because of remodelling work. Ski holidaymakers will still have a fine opportunity to visit the greenhouses during the winter holiday in week 10.

A new type of meeting place, which will open to the public in March 2019, is being planned and constructed for the environment of the Botanic Gardens of the University of Oulu.
Because of the remodelling work, the Gardens' greenhouses will be closed to the public from 12 March 2018 until the end of August. The doors will still be open during the schools' winter holiday period in week 10.

The Botanic Gardens are located in the Linnanmaa area of the city at Kaitoväylä 5, Oulu.

A new "look" for the Gardens

The foyer of the greenhouses is being renovated and a new Visitor Centre is being constructed at this location. During the refurbishment, the appearance of the greenhouse collections will be updated by adding information and constructing new sitting and resting places in the greenhouses for visitors.

Because of the remodelling, it will only be possible to visit the greenhouses under exceptional circumstances and on special occasions such as the "Music in Botanical" concert on 19 March.

The "Vitality and Endurance through Cooperation in Innovation Project" (EKI Project) is behind the consolidation and diversification of the Gardens. The University is establishing a visitor centre in the pleasant environment of the Botanic Gardens. The public will be able to become familiar with a working science exhibition, enjoy the lush greenness of the greenhouses and participate in multifaceted science events.

The project is being implemented by the University of Oulu, the Natural Resources Institute Finland, the Finnish Environment Institute and the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. The European Regional Development Fund (EDRF) project is being financed by the Council of Oulu Region, the City of Oulu, implementers and the Low Carbon Business Network.

Botanical Gardens

EKI project (in Finnish)


Last updated: 1.3.2018