Ten research-based companies from TUTLI projects

TUTLI is a funding instrument of Business Finland, which aims to create a new research-based business. The funding has been distributed since 2012. The University of Oulu has received funding for 31 different projects. Up to now, 10 companies have emerged, some of which have received venture capital investments of around € 2.8 million.

Last year, the University of Oulu received funding for five new TUTLI research projects. They provide a solution for separating oil from the water, a method for measuring osteoarthritis, a sensor card for data collection from the habitat, early diagnosis of caries, and self-measurement of respiratory function.

Funding can be applied in March and September. Six applications were submitted to this spring, most of which were from the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine.

Last updated: 6.9.2018