Internship in FutureFactory challenge competition

Future Factory challenge competition is searching for an eager and active student.

Future Factory is the challenge competition of University of Oulu during orientation week. In 2018 the event will be arranged for the third time. The idea is to offer students an active start for their studies and support them to get to know each others and engage with the degree program. The goal of the event is also to encourage students to be self regulated, creative, innovative and to solve problems.

The intern will plan and put plans into practice in Future Factory competition as an active member in Future Factory team. The task will be like planning and preparing, cooperating with enterpreneurs and communicating as well as implement many kind of ideas in the event. Your tasks will be to participate meetings, updating www site, communicating with students, making videos, carrying out arrangements in the event and for example collecting feedback.

The part-time job will start April 16th at latest and end September 30th 2018.

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Last updated: 21.3.2018