Do you recognize your strengths as an employee?

Do you know which employers share values with you? What are your strengths? What skills employers seek? Participate Universum's carees test...

By participating in Universum’s career test, you get

  • An analysis of your career profile and comparisons to your peers in e.g. salary expectations
  • Targeted list of the most suited employers for you
  • A report of over 1000 HR experts’ knowledge of the most sought after soft skills

You can participate in the career test by clicking the following link:

(change the language options from the top right-hand corner ’Finnish’ to ’English’)

If there are over nationally 1000 respondents to the career test, Universum will donate 500 euros to the Finnish unit of the Red Cross.

Universum is the global leader focusing on employer image research and development. Universum carries out a yearly Career Test to over 1.4 million students in 2000 different universities and universities of applied sciences. The purpose of the Career Test is to connect students to their ideal companies and help them with their career visions. Find out more at

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Last updated: 27.3.2018