Micro-entrepreneurship (MicroENTRE) Research Group

Kerttu Saalasti Institute


Micro-entrepreneurship Center of Excellence (MicroENTRE) at the Kerttu Saalasti Institute of University of Oulu focuses on creating new knowledge to promote growth and internationalization of micro-enterprises. MicroENTRE is to our knowledge the only micro-entrepreneurship (< 10 employees) focused research group in the world. Our mission is to provide evidence-based information for academic and public discussion as well as for policy makers to understand and promote business growth of small enterprises and soloentrepreneurs. Currently, the research team consists of a research director, six post-docs and six researchers.

Research topics:

MicroENTRE research focus areas are:

  • Growth, internationalization and management in micro-enterprises
  • Social impact and the operating environment of micro-enterprises
  • Entrepreneurial motivation, values and diversity
  • Entrepreneurship education and culture

More information:

Research Director, Ph.D. Anna-Mari Simunaniemi, anna-mari.simunaniemi@oulu.fi, +358 466 2832


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Last updated: 2.4.2020