Unit of Measurement Technology; processing and analytics of arctic bio-active plant compounds

Kajaani University Consortium

We analyze and enrich active compounds of plant-based biomasses for food and cosmetic applications taking advantage of pure arctic raw materials. We have versatile instrumentations for extraction (SFE, Soxhlet and ultrasound), drying (freeze, spray and vacuum drying), filtration (RO, nano, ultra, micro) and fermentation (4x1L and 30L instruments). For analytics, we have LC-MSMS, HPLC, GC and capillary electrophoresis as well as qPCR for microbe analysis. We study bioactivities by in vitro and cell culture assays. We have patented an innovation for preparation of bio-active lingonberry extract. Our industrial collaborators include major Finnish companies in cosmetics and forest berry industry.

Research topics:

  • Isolation of valuable compounds from arctic berries and coniferous trees including strong collaboration with industry.
  • Development of analytics for complex polyphenol compounds, especially LC-MSMS methods.
  • Development of bioactivity assay platform including cell culture based, microbial and chemical assays, and studying properties of complex polyphenols.

More information:

Professor Vesa Virtanen, vesa.virtanen@oulu.fi



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Last updated: 6.4.2020