Unit of Measurement Technology: Sensors and on-line measurements

Kajaani University Consortium

The Unit focuses on the development of modern measurement technology for environmental and process monitoring in mining, forest, food and dairy industry and for non-invasive point-of-care biosensors and devices for health and wellbeing. Modern analytical instruments, screen printer and 3D printers allow focusing on the miniaturization and high analytical performance of the developed devices, which can be commercialized via spin-off companies (e.g. Meoline).

Research topics:

  • Development of real-time optical/electrochemical methods and instruments for monitoring pollutants (e.g. metals) in environmental discharge waters: automatic sampling and pre-treatments, energy harvesting and data transfer & processing are developed as a part of device development. Ref. 1.  
  • Electrochemical point-of-care biosensors and optical sensors for physiological biomarkers, mainly salivary biomarkers for stress and nutrition, but also other topics are welcome. The aim is to develop complete measurement solutions with software and data transfer & processing.  Ref 1.  & Ref. 2.
  • Integrated biosensors and biosensing techniques for industrial process control, including required sampling and downstream monitoring, microfluidics, data transfer & processing. Ref. 1 & Ref 2.

More information:

Professor Vesa Virtanen, vesa.virtanen@oulu.fi



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Last updated: 6.4.2020